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We are dedicated and conscientious about offering top-notch electrical and air conditioning services appropriate for the Brisbane climate as a locally owned and operated family business. Our skilled electricians are dedicated to providing installations and repairs that are quick, dependable, and highly customized to meet your specific residential electrical needs.

We at Spanos ElectriCool recognize the value of maintaining a secure and cozy living space. We guarantee exceptional customer service every time with quick response times, flexible scheduling options, and our proprietary 7-Point Satisfaction Guarantee. Call us at (07) 3349 3134 right now to discuss your family's electrical and cooling needs for your home.

Wikipedia Information About Air Conditioning

Air conditioning, often abbreviated as A/C (US), AC (US), or air con (UK), is the process of removing heat from an enclosed space to achieve a more comfortable interior environment (sometimes referred to as "comfort cooling") and in some cases also strictly controlling the humidity of internal air. Air conditioning can be achieved using a mechanical 'air conditioner' or alternatively a variety of other methods, including passive cooling or ventilative cooling. Air conditioning is a member of a family of systems and techniques that provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Heat pumps are similar in many ways to air conditioners, but use a reversing valve to allow them to heat and also cool an enclosed space.

Air conditioners, which typically use vapor-compression refrigeration, range in size from small units used within vehicles or single rooms to massive units that can cool large buildings. Air source heat pumps, which can be used for heating as well as cooling, are becoming increasingly common in cooler climates.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), as of 2018, 1.6 billion air conditioning units were installed, which accounted for an estimated 20% of electricity usage in buildings globally with the number expected to grow to 5.6 billion by 2050. The United Nations called for the technology to be made more sustainable to mitigate climate change and for the use of alternatives, like passive cooling, evaporative cooling, selective shading, windcatchers, and better thermal insulation. CFC and HCFC refrigerants such as R-12 and R-22, respectively, used within air conditioners have caused damage to the ozone layer, and HFC refrigerants such as R-410a and R-404a, which were designed to replace CFCs and HCFCs, are instead exacerbating climate change. Both issues happen due to the venting of refrigerant to the atmosphere, such as during repairs. HFO refrigerants, used in some if not most new equipment, solve both issues with an ozone damage potential (ODP) of zero and a much lower global warming potential (GWP) in the single or double digits vs. the three or four digits of HFCs.

All home and business owners can get services and solutions for installing air conditioners.

● If your air conditioner doesn't work, we're here to help.
● When your air conditioner isn't working as well as it should, we're here to help.

We can help you no matter what is going on with your Air Conditioning Unit or how it is set up.

Our team of fully licensed Electricians and Air Conditioning Technicians is ready to help you install your air conditioning.

Your needs for air conditioning come first. We're here to help you right now, tomorrow, next week, and next month. You are our top priority, and we are here to make sure you are always comfortable. We want you to be comfortable in the winter and the summer. Our Technicians have been approved by ARCTICK and are happy to help you with any installation needs you have.

We are fully licensed and insured, and you can call us to help with all of your small fixes, installations, and/or replacements, as well as your larger repairs, installations, and/or replacements.

We can help you with both home and business projects, and we have the skills and manpower for large projects, renovations, and commercial fit-outs.

Air Conditioner Electrician

All home and business owners can get repairs and solutions for their air conditioners.

Our team of fully licensed Electricians and Air Conditioning Technicians can help you with all of your air conditioning service and repair needs, no matter how big or small. Your needs for air conditioning are our top priority. We are here to help you right now, tomorrow, next week, and next month. You are the most important thing to us, and we are here all year to make sure you are comfortable. We want you to be warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and everything you want to be in the fall and spring.

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Amplify Electrical in Mansfield

What kinds of hot water repair services do we offer in Brisbane? At Spanos ElectriCool – Electrical and Air Conditioning

We know how annoying and frustrating it is to have a broken hot water system, which is why we offer the best repair services for electric hot water systems in Brisbane. We can fix systems of different sizes and brands, and our technicians' cars are full of spare parts so that the job can be done quickly and well. We offer same-day and after-hours service calls because getting your hot water system up and running is important to both our team and our customers.

Electrical Repair in Mansfield

Your rental property is an investment. Do you need ongoing maintenance and help with the electrics and air conditioning?

● Does your rental property have electrical problems that you need fixed quickly?
● Do you want your tenants to have electrical work done without any trouble?
● Are you looking for a reliable, professional electrician?

Electrical Upgrades in Mansfield

Our team of fully licensed electricians can help you with Wiring, Power, and Electrical Services for your Swimming Pool.

We can help run power and wires for new pools and pool pumps. We can also help maintain, fix, and upgrade pools and pool pumps that are already in place.

We are fully licensed and insured, and you can call us for anything from small repairs and home projects to big projects and fit-outs.

Electrical Safety in Mansfield

Spanos ElectriCool offers business owners and facility managers in Brisbane South test and tag services that are quick, reliable, and well organized.

and the areas around it. Get a report right away to make sure that your equipment is safe and meets the requirements of AS/NZS 3760. We get the job done with as little interruption as possible to your business, and our hardworking office staff will send you all reports and bills on time. Call Spanos ElectriCool at (07) 3349 3134 if you need us now, later, or often as part of a maintenance plan.